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Spetsialnoje naznatjenije was founded 1974 and means troops of special purpose in english, short after this some operatives started up the group Spetsialnoye nazranie bratva as a private organisation for brothers and friends for business reasons.

KGB Chairman Yuri Andropov authorized the formation of group Alfa on 28 July 1974 via a unique, hand-written letter. Officially designated Group A, the media came to refer to the unit as "Alfa" after 1991, the founder of our organisation was one of the members in group Alfa.

Many of our eastern comrades have been active in some form of spetsialnoye nazranie, like SPETSNAZ,GRU,OMOH,ALFA etc

The founder of our organization was a member at the formation of Alfa in 1974, our organization was started at the end of 1974 when some soldiers decided to start a brotherhood together.

Most of the members previous and now, are war veterans, that work or have worked for the army.

We are divided in 4 sections in the brotherhood,

Intelligence department

Security Group

Black section

Alfa Battalion official Support group.